Popular Crypto YouTuber BitBoy featured Empire NFT Marketplace

We are happy to announce that BitBoy, one of the most popular crypto channels with more than 1 million subscribers on YouTube, featured our one and only Empire NFT Marketplace.

BitBoy is a YouTube influencer who reviews new blockchain-based games and applications…

Dulla, Empire Token’s Founder and CEO, recently held an AMA (Ask Me Anything) session with the Empire community where he shared updates about the project and answered some of the community’s questions.

Below is the summary of the AMA.

Upcoming Development Updates

  • NFT game (partnership)
  • Working on Empire’s own DEX…

Wanna hear what’s next? Empire made a huge rise in the last 24 hours…and we are not even finished. In fact, we’re just getting started!

Since the Empire NFT Marketplace is launched, we would like to announce new features that are coming.

The projects we have agreed on partnerships with…

A new and improved interface for a better browsing experience, we present to you the brand new Empire Token website.

The new Empire Token website is now live, bringing in massive improvements on usability and user-experience.

Starting from a cleaner interface, the new Empire website is much easier to use…

Built as the next game-changing NFT dApp, the Empire NFT Marketplace is just the beginning of endless possibilities for Empire.

Empire Token has developed a marketplace where you can buy, sell, and trade NFTs. We’re predicting over 10 thousand unique digital assets to be on the site by the end…

Empire Token

New Vision. New Mission. New Life. Marketplace, NFT Licensing, Payment System and many more. Keep Climbing!

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