AMA with Empire’s Founder and CEO Dulla

Dulla, Empire Token’s Founder and CEO, recently held an AMA (Ask Me Anything) session with the Empire community where he shared updates about the project and answered some of the community’s questions.

Below is the summary of the AMA.

Upcoming Development Updates

  • NFT game (partnership)
  • Working on Empire’s own DEX platform
  • Empire NFT marketplace to bridge to Solana and Ethereum
  • Empire NFT marketplace launch pad, where partnered projects will have their own profiles and will be able to fair launch their collections on the marketplace.
  • Dividends for holders (more details TBA)

Upcoming Marketing Update

  • Bitboy NFT show happening on October 20th
  • PR articles on major news sites
  • CertiK Audit and Skynet
  • Expanding to centralized exchanges

Question and Answer:

We have agreed with influencers whose accounts will be announced soon to start doing advertisements on youtube and other social platforms. We are working on an angle with small YouTubers that are coming out very soon. We are planning to have multiple TikTokers and YouTubers talking about the Empire. We have several goals for working with these influencers. For example one of our purposes is to help newcomers discover the crypto space usages like how to buy, how to get BNBs, how to set the wallet etc. with using Empire. The main idea of helping newcomers discover crypto is to hint that the Empire is a hidden gem with a very low market cap. We are also working with respected Twitter influencers and Telegram groups. On the 20th of October, the BitBoy NFT segment team will have a show about our project. And also we are publishing articles on yahoo news.

2. Is some part of liquidity removed?

Yes, some part of the liquidity is removed for the purpose of ensuring some big listing coming next week and also providing an active movement on the scale by reducing the liquidity pool.

3. Are there any plans related to XRP?

The topic of NFT’s on XRP is not discussed in detail. As Empire, we want to start adding more chains. With our use cases, it is just a matter of adding new contracts. We can add XRP but it is not the priority right now. The plan is to have Solana first for Empire NFT Marketplace.

4. How is the game going to work?

It’s basically an NFT game where you buy NFT characters and use them. And also the developers of the game are providing some sort of passive income as part of the game. The details of the game will be announced after the deal is finalized.

5. Are there new upcoming NFT marketplace use cases?

We have two kinds of Empire NFT collections that are being worked on — a collection for holders and a collection for sale which is the official Empire Collection. And secondly, one of our biggest use cases that is going to take a few months to come out is user profiles. A user’s profile will have NFTs as part of the profile as a status which gives users privileges for holding NFTs.

6. What is an NFT and NFT licensing?

NFT is not only jepg, NFT is not only music or digital art. One of our upcoming NFT use cases is all about music licensing as also we are now working on digital art. In our vision, licensing NFTs is beyond music and videos and jpegs. Gym memberships can be an NFT, football season pass can be an NFT, renting ownership of a house is an NFT. For example, if you are to rent a room as Airbnb from someone, you don’t rent it. You license an NFT that represents a day, and it is legally binding to renting it for a day. Even though it requires a lot of legal regulations, this is our perspective of NFTs. For NFTs and NFT licensing, this is going to be a game-changer and it is very pioneering. If you want to invest in a new project, you can buy your share as an NFT, and that will allow NFTs to interact with the smart contract for the revenue ship. Why not tokens but NFTs? Since the NFTs are unique and non-fungible, it provides the functionality of being interactible with the smart contract.

Let’s keep climbing together as a team and community until we reach the top of our Empire!

New Vision. New Mission. New Life. Marketplace, NFT Licensing, Payment System and many more. Keep Climbing!