Empire Token partners with Angry BaboonS, first official Solana-based NFT project partner

Empire NFT Marketplace is being visited by a horde of Angry Baboons!

We are very happy to announce that our marketplace will be visited by Angry BaboonS. They are enraged baboons that have been created through revolt at the deceptions that show up in crypto space. The Angry BaboonS will be the first notable Solana-based collection to be added to the Empire NFT Marketplace one we have finished the Solana integration of the marketplace.

The ideal that created Angry Baboons is very similar to the one that started our Empire Token: the revolt with the deceptions in the crypto space and the mission to make it more fair and trustworthy. The founder of Empire Token decided to create a use case space that people could actually trust. Now that space exists and you can get your own Angry Baboon through it!

To celebrate this partnership, Angry BaboonS is giving away 15 NFTs to the Empire Community! 🔥

🚨 To participate in the giveaway, do the following:

⁃ Join Empire Token’s official Discord group


⁃ Join Angry BaboonS official Discord group


⁃ Be active in both groups. Tweet about it!

About Angry Baboons

Angry BaboonS have 5,000 NFTs minted on the Solana Blockchain and the artwork is really amazing! They are automatically generated with a multitude of possible combinations and now you can have your own Angry Baboon through the Empire NFT Marketplace.

The color combinations and utensils of the Angry Baboons are really beyond imagination. They are randomly generated by combining 58+ unique traits with 8 variables. Each one is unique and highly collectible! Through the Empire NFT Marketplace, you can buy, sell, and trade your Angry Baboon safely and easily!

Besides all the digital beauty of the Angry Baboons, they also have on their roadmap the beautiful mission of helping reserves and rehabilitation centers for monkeys that have suffered real-life abuse. After all, you can’t be an Angry Baboon without really helping these souls that have been so affected by the actions of humans.

If you too wish to become a part of this revolution, you can get your very own Angry Baboon through the Empire NFT Marketplace very soon!