Empire Token partners with Wolverine to Launch premium NFTs

Empire Token joins forces with Wolverine to launch their second collection of ferocious NFTs. The Bears NFTs are the second of a special series, most desired by Wolverine’s holders and exclusive of Empire NFT Marketplace.

The crypto-bears are a set of rare NFTs, which are not available on any other marketplace or in any other form. They can be purchased in the Empire NFT Marketplace using Wolverine’s native token $WLVR.

Introducing Wolverine’s Bear Collection

The Bear Collection brings to our marketplace three new, elegant, and still ferocious creatures.

The first one is the Wild Bear. A wild bear is one of many species in the bear family. They are not domesticated in any way. The typical traits of the Wild Bear NFT are that it is an omnivorous animal, has four strong clawed paws beautifully designed in 3D, representing the most beautiful and serene aspect of nature.

The Gold Bear comes with an air of authority and luxury. This one-of-a-kind NFT features a bunch of golden coins in which the brave golden bear stands, resplendent. A true must-have.

Finally, the Diamond Bear speaks for itself. Or roars for itself. This 3D masterpiece will catch any collector’s eyes easily. The rarest of the trio, the Diamond Bear stands up in spikes of the purest diamonds as he tries to catch a fish. Only a few people must obtain this rarity, because of its scarcity and exclusivity.

About Wolverine

Wolverines are one of the most solitary, territorial creatures in the world. Whilst many may know one of them through popular media formats, through comics or movie franchises, the animal itself is overlooked and ignored by much of the world. Similarly, many good projects within the Binance Chain Economy are overlooked — with devastating consequences for the chain.

The Wolverine represents the spirit of the project — Wolverine is independent, great climbers, and, most importantly, built to last. The primary goals of this project is twofold.

Visit Wolverine’s website at www.wolverineofficial.com.

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