Empire Token’s 4 Way LP AMA with CertiK

Empire Token has held an AMA session with three groundbreaking projects — Sphynx Swap, Ultimate NFT, and EverRise.

The AMA was hosted by Larry, Director of International Business Development of CertiK, who has many years of experience in building secure systems for enterprises across multiple industries. Aside from Dulla, Founder and CEO of Empire Token — Wasso from EverRise, Lonzo from Sphynx Swap, and Roberto from UltimateNFT also graced the AMA. The AMA tackled how CertiK will help other organizations to secure their data and how security audit will boost investor’s trust in Empire’s smart contracts.

The main topic of this AMA was security as Larry says the magic of blockchain lies in transparency. The core purpose of Empire is bringing the best for the community, building trust, and ensuring Empire’s transparency.

How does having security from CertiK benefit Empire?

Smart contract auditors are skilled consultants that evaluate smart contract codes for flaws and identify if they have been tampered in any manner. The auditors are a group of professionals who specialize in blockchain technology. It’s not a walk in the park to audit smart contracts. You’ll need knowledge and years of experience to keep your valuables protected from hackers. All the major exchanges require an audit and an active security sweep.

Understanding blockchain security and dangers and knowing that a project is protected by top-notch security technology can help individuals or businesses be interested in investing in a project or using their services. The magic of crypto lies on trust and transparency provided by the blockchain. As building trust is among Empire’s core purposes, CertiK audit is complementary for Empire.

What awaits the Empire Community?

Empire will be listed on one of the top 5 exchanges soon. There is just paperwork that needs to be done. Also, the weight we put on development will get heavier. Empire NFT Marketplace is on Beta version right now. Our engineers are working on it. It will be bridged and many use cases will be announced such as launchpad. The Empire DEX, which is coming, will have a Portfolio Tracker that will be the first in the field. We will read your transactions indexed from different wallets. If you have different transactions from buying and selling, we will evaluate how much profit or loss you have made. This portfolio tracker will provide many conveniences for the community since many people have many wallets and many different tokens. You will be able to analyze every behavior so much easier.

Information and security is worth more than any amount of money. CertiK Audit is one of the biggest steps we have made in terms of security.

As Empire, we value our community and their security.

Keep Climbing! 🧗‍♀️




New Vision. New Mission. New Life. Marketplace, NFT Licensing, Payment System and many more. Keep Climbing!

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Empire Token

Empire Token

New Vision. New Mission. New Life. Marketplace, NFT Licensing, Payment System and many more. Keep Climbing!

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