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An application that combines all the shortcomings of DeFi in one place. That’s what does. Not less, but maybe even more.

The crypto world is difficult to adjust to, and it is even more difficult if you do not have a good relationship with technology. There is always a need to be familiar with a variety of apps. You must use a DEX and possibly a wallet application. This isn’t all. If you want to make money with cryptocurrency, you must watch charts, track your assets, look for projects, and possibly interact with other DeFi users from time to time.

Doesn’t it sound like you’re entering a whole different universe? This is the case for newcomers. But does it get easier as you get used to it? Isn’t it a waste of time to jump from DApp to DApp when you can do everything in one?

This issue has been identified. Quite some time ago. The issue with DeFi is that it is disorganized. You trade on one platform, keep track of your assets on another, and so on. Because of how fragmented the space is, it can be difficult for the average user to keep up with everything that is going on. As a result, many newcomers are intimidated and choose not to explore the DeFi space further.

Empire believes that the DeFi ecosystem is fragmented, which harms the crypto industry as a whole. It scares off new potential users, preventing DeFi from becoming more widely adopted. By providing a single interface for all of your DeFi needs, we hope to change this scenario and make things easier and simpler.

We have developed an environment that includes all of the applications required to enter the DeFi world while maintaining the decentralization factor. With that goal in mind, we propose

Let’s Puzzle Out

We’ve already stated that this is an all-in-one app. But how exactly will it work? Let’s get started. Users of can use a single platform to trade, hold, and track assets, watch charts, search for projects, and even interact with other DeFi users.

The app will be divided into two main sections: Community Management and Wallet. The Empire NFT Marketplace will also be integrated into the app, allowing users to trade NFTs within the app. The use of hashtags, project profiles, user profiles, chat rooms, and a social feed, similar to a social media app, distinguishes it. We’re putting together every app you’ll need.

  • Community App

A community app specifically designed for DeFi projects and communities. Telegram, Discord, and Twitter are among the most popular social and messaging platforms among DeFi users. combines the functionalities of these three platforms to create a better and more user-friendly community app where projects, users, and personalities can connect and discuss the latest DeFi trends.

  • Wallet

A built-in DEX within the app will allow users to trade tokens within the same chain or from one chain to another. Users will also be able to purchase a project’s token from their chat room. Tokens purchased are automatically added to the wallet. There is also Direct Purchase of Stables using credit card, staking platform, portfolio tracking, project tracing, DApp features.


Our product management team is dedicated to developing high-value, scalable technology that will empower the average crypto user. We came up with something new, perhaps too new, but necessary. Every action we take is aimed to make the crypto world convenient for you.

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