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5 min readApr 2, 2022

Empire Token has been at the forefront of developing and introducing innovative dApps, but DefiGram promises to be a gamechanger in terms of social interaction. This ambitious project aims to create the ultimate platform for all DeFi related activities. It is a social network for DeFi users and projects to share latest news, collaborate on interesting projects, and interact directly through an inbuilt wallet.

DefiGram is the holy grail of DeFi interaction. This DApp brings the best in communication features from social apps like Telegram, Discord, Twitter, Facebook and integrates it to a multichain DEX, portfolio tracker and even a DApp Store. Here, let’s take a closer look at the groundbreaking features of the DefiGram app.

Community Management App

DefiGram is engineered specifically for DeFi projects and communities. It allows users to interact with DeFi projects and communities through a single, user-friendly interface. Users can log in to DefiGram to choose one of two account types: users or projects.

English is the default language of user accounts, but you can change it to Arabic, Turkish, Chinese, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Thai, Filipino, and Japanese, among others. With a new DefiGram account, you can start working on your projects and collaborating with other DefiGram users. But before starting the learning process, let’s outline the key functionalities of both account types.

A Project Profile has all the relevant information about the project, such as Project Description, Launch Details, Token Ticker, Contract Address, Price, Price Bot, Market Cap, Supply, Number of holders, Price Chart, Project’s Website, Social Contacts, and Blockchain Explorer Link.

Once all this data has been verified, the project will receive a blue tick, indicating that the DefiGram team has confirmed the veracity of the project with its developers. All this information can be found in the Project Profile and in the main project chat.

Each project has its own main chat room where users can discuss and exchange information about the project. It is also possible for projects to create custom channels and implement custom buttons and bots, such as price bots and other bots. In fact, the customization options are mind boggling.

In addition to the project chats, users can find the project news on their profile feed. In this session, the project team can update users through posts, in a mechanism similar to the Facebook feed.

DApp Store

Discover the world of crypto apps through a new holistic lens. Find community-validated apps on the dApp Store. The DefiGram DApp Store hosts a variety of NFT games and other decentralized platforms. You can browse and filter dApps depending on your needs without having to look it up on Google or other websites. We bring you the perfect combination of security and convenience.

Browse from A-to-Z handpicked high level DApps to get hold of all modern DeFi user’s needs. Within each app in your DApp spaces, you will find integrated community-vetted DeFi solutions for your accessibility and profitability.

User Profile

Once the user has successfully created their account, they will then be prompted to set up a profile with optional information such as name and date of registration in DefiGram, which will appear on their public profile page. They can also choose to add bio description and personal traits. After the user account has been verified and activated, users will be able to monitor their owned NFTs and Token portfolio balance.

In your User Badges section, you can show off all the NFTs that you possess from the Empire NFT Special Edition collection. Users will be able to purchase these NFTs from the Empire NFT Marketplace and assign them as badges on DefiGram. Since DefiGram is integrated with the Empire NFT Marketplace, users can trade their NFTs within the app.

The news feed on the DefiGram platform will show posts from friends, projects, and users alike. Users can comment on, react to, or reshare posts from projects and other users they follow with the utility to publish charts made possible by Goosebumps’ Portfolio Tracker API.

Both projects and users can use hashtags in their posts. The hashtags are clickable and can redirect to posts with the same previously used hashtag. The most used hashtags will appear in DefiGram’s trending topics section. Moreover, each project will have its own official hashtag, which will lead to the project’s profile when clicked. This makes it much easier to find people interested in the common or trending topics, as well as projects.

Here’s the most exciting and innovative feature of DefiGram, that sets it apart from the competition.

Inbuilt Wallet, NFT Marketplace, and DEX & Portfolio Tracker

DefiGram features its own built-in wallet, allowing users to store their NFTs, tokens, and cryptocurrencies. For those who prefer using an external wallet, DefiGram also supports other wallets such as MetaMask and TrustWallet.

Goosebumps’ DEX will be integrated into DefiGram to allow users to buy and swap their tokens quickly, safely, and easily within the app.

Goosebumps DEX allows cross-chain transactions to make swapping tokens from one network to another easier. If users are holding Empire Token with an aim to earn passive income, they can use the Staking Platform to stake their $EMPIRE and farm tokens from other projects.

Another great feature is the ability to purchase USDT using a credit card within the app and use it to purchase tokens on the DEX. All transactions made on DefiGram are automatically sent to the user’s wallet of choice — including a detailed breakdown of all their transactions that can be fetched from the Portfolio Tracking page. Further, users can track the status of the entire portfolio, as well as gains and losses, transactions made, amount paid in fees, and can navigate to immediate charts detailing any token they want.

Launchpad and Project Tracker

Users can track rising projects in the DeFi Project Tracking section, having direct access to the most important information from top gainers and top losers, most viewed, and recently added projects, along with the capability to filter projects by category or network. You can also find useful data about these projects within the app.

To launch a new project, users can use DefiGram Launchpad to start an Initial Dex Offering (IDO) and raise funds for development. A unique feature DefiGram offers for project developers is this — for already launched projects that want to migrate to a new contract or bridge to another network, they can also use DefiGram Launchpad to enable holders of existing tokens to either claim tokens from the new contract or lock it in for a period of time to earn extra bonuses.


DefiGram is poised to become the next standard app for interaction between crypto enthusiasts and DeFi projects. It brings the integration that everyone has been waiting for, combining social media interactions with space to invest in, buy, or sell multi-chain assets all in one place. In fact, the capabilities DefiGram will bring to the DeFi space are beyond what any currently available application has ever touched.

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